A Ministry of Galveston United Methodist Church 

515 S Maple St
PO Box 639
Galveston IN 46932-0639
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Phone 574-699-7828
A spiritually based preschool where children grow and learn
 through exploring, discovering, questioning, and succeeding

Age 3 by August 1st

Classes Sept - May 
Monday & Wednesday 
9-11:15 am

Age 4 by August 1st

Classes Sept - May 
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday  
12:30-3 pm

Currently enrolled children February 15
Alumni and church families March 1
Public enrollment March 15
There is one non-refundable registration fee per family per year. 
Discounts are available for 2 or more children from the same family.

1. To promote social skills that will help each child work, play, and live with others in a peaceful manner. 

2. To provide a child centered stimulating environment which will help each child develop to his or her fullest potential for this developmental stage. 

3. To help each child develop a positive concept of themself, to foster independence, and to feel secure with some adults and routines outside their family circle.

4. To encourage creativity through supporting each child’s ideas and offering a wide variety of mediums.  

5. To encourage attitudes of acceptance for a diversity of persons and cultures. 

6. To promote physical skills and coordination appropriate for this developmental stage. 

7. To offer a Christian atmosphere where children feel safe. 

8. To promote growth in verbal skills. 

9. To nurture intellectual curiosity and the love of learning. 

Each session is planned to be an experience where children have the opportunity to explore, discover, question, succeed, risk, and grow. Through play, Rainbow Preschool strives to meet the needs and develop the skills of each child socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. 

Daily Schedule:

The staff guides individuals and small groups through a variety of hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate including cleanup. Large group activities include show and tell, large muscle activities, stories, songs, and finger plays to develop attention span, pre-reading, and pre-math skills.  Learning continues during snack time with prayer, choices, manners, and each child pouring their own drink from a small pitcher. Social skills and independence are encouraged and supported throughout each day.  


The staff is trained in early childhood education. They plan curriculum for the specific children in each class. The lead teacher is a member of national, state, and local professional organizations in the early childhood field. She continues to attend conferences, give workshops, and network with others in the field to stay current with updates. 

The executive board consists of church members, parents, and lead teacher. Every adult has a background check that has contact with the children.
Contact: teacher_rainbow@yahoo.com

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